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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Struggling to move forward

Hi blogland, it has been quite awhile since my last post and unfortunately there is not much new to report except my feelings of frustration that we are still not moving forward on the adoption networking. We seem to be on a little hamster wheel at this point. We have been waiting to get a letter from our family planning counselor to finish our adoption study and that has taken two weeks. We are having a very hard time trying to figure out how to build a web page that reflects us, and without that our networking tools are useless because we need some link to our profile so that anyone who picks up our card can find our profile. Right now we don't even have that. It's no wonder that so many people just wait in the agency "book" until they get picked, it is really hard networking.
HOWEVER, if we meet the right birth parents it will be so very worth all the time.
In the meantime, as always when things on the "family planning" trail get stalled out, I am getting emotional about everything. Two women I work closely with are pregnant and that means baby showers. I am helping plan one of them, and even though I am much better able to handle it than I was last year, I still get frustrated and upset because I feel like it will never be us having the shower, or seeing our baby's first little teeth, or all the million other things that I wish we could join in the conversations with other parents about. I am dreading sitting in the room with all those happy Mommies and wondering when (surely there is not an if in there any more) I will be able to join in.
I'm sure to people who have kids, and who like to assure me how difficult having kids is, that those types of yearnings seem overly sentimental, but to us they are very real and dominate a huge part of our lives.
I know with adoption that surely someday we will be connected with our future child and birthmother, but when that will be I have no idea and at the rate things are going, well....
Next weekend we will be going to Madison to visit with our best friends Jenny, Matt, Bella and Olive. I would love to have some of our networking cards to post around the coffee shops and University in Madison so I had better get some work done on this website! I will have lots of fun pictures to post after the trip because we always have so much fun when we go to visit Yenny.

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