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My name is Robin. I live to create - anything I can do with my hands and my head. I'm a messy creator - an imperfect creator who loves beauty and aesthetic with a real edge. This isn't a blog about perfection - its a blog about the beauty in real life - the small triumphs and epic failures - trying to get homework done with a tired 5 year old after a 12 hour day and still getting a smidge of weaving in before the crash. Figuring out what the dream is when you finally realize its not the house and the car. Its about not letting the years get the best of you and cherishing all that you love in life. Mostly its just a place for me to put all the things that I love and that inspire me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A day of firsts!

Kenji smiled this morning. I think it was a real smile, it looked different from the gassy smiles. He also is WAY more interested in his toys now, I think he can see them better. Another great thing is that when I hold him on my lap he already holds his head up and looks around! I don't think babies are supposed to do that for a couple more weeks! What can I say, he is a smart, cute and very strong boy! I love that pickle! Maybe soon I will be able to get a video or picture of him smiling!

Must make these silly little monster booties for Kenji!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still sporting the hooks and needles!

Well, of course knitting and crocheting has taken a back seat in my life, but I still managed to make this little hat and these silly little sandals for Kenji the noblett. He hates hats so he probably will never wear it. And the shoes are still a little too big. I have a cute t shirt with brown cactus print and jeans to go with the shoes that I will put him in when he is a little bigger.

Granny, Pappo and Uncle Jay's first visit

I wish I had more time to blog, I was really enjoying it. However our little bean Kenji is taking more and more time, which is good because I love him to pieces. We are trying new things every day. Right now I am struggling to get him on a "schedule". He is very happy sometimes and very very upset a lot of the time. I think this is due to several things. One I think he has bad gas sometimes so I am trying Mylicon but I am still working out the most effective dosage for him. Also I have let him get into some bad habits unknowingly already, like staying awake till he is way overstimulated and then he can't fall asleep because he is too wound up. This leads to bouts of crazy crying that does not abate unless I carry him or rock him constantly.
Also Granny and Pappo and Uncle Jay were here last weekend. There were so many new faces and lots of hands to pop the passie back in or pick him up and rock him, I am afraid now Mommy's two limited hands are not quite as wonderful!
Kenji is the cutest little boy. He weighs about 8 pounds now and is getting chunk on his little legs and chin. I just love him to death. My favorite time is when I tickle his back or rock him to sleep, he is so sweet I can't get enough of him. I just need to really work on getting him happy so that I can start thinking about having a routine again. I need to know when I can shower and go out with him etc...
Well here are some adorable pics that Uncle Jay took.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am so tired!

Kenji found out that Mommy dancing around with him in her arms to Dandy Warhols is way more entertaining than sleeping in the bouncy chair to lullaby music. So that is what we have done all morning since 7:00. This is the first day Brian is back at work so I am trying to get what little I can done while he sleeps. He is so cute! I love him so much. His little belly button fell off last night so he is now a grown up baby. Here is the latest video.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy tired and happy

I have to say, the first couple of days with Kenji I had a terrible nervous stomach. It is getting better now though. He is such a good eater and sleeper. He really only cries when he gets his diaper changed otherwise he is a very happy fellow and he sleeps a good 3 hours between feedings and then eats a lot. His weight is almost back up to his birth weight already and the doc was very pleased with him yesterday. I love him to pieces, and I have never seen Brian so smitten. Brian actually clutches his heart when he looks at Kenji! Even the cats are being good, even though they are not thrilled about this situation.
I was hoping for a sunny day because he is still a little bit jaundice and the doc wanted us to put him in his diaper by the window or hold him outside in the shade a bit for some sun.
Oh, I love him so much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Kenji bean

Today we went to visit Allie and Kenji in the hospital. I loved holding Kenji. He is the most beautiful little thing ever. And his little head is so soft. He looks so cute with Brian, he looks like a little doll he is so perfect!
I love the picture with Emi his big sister helping to feed the baby! She is adorable!
Tomorrow is the big day! We pick him up from the hospital. Oh I hope he loves us, because we love him so much already. Funny I haven't cried yet, I think because I am running on adrenalin right now. I think once we get home and settled in it will hit me. It feels strangely like getting married did! Waiting and waiting for that big day and keeping emotions and nerves at bay and then after everything has happened and you have some quiet time it dawns on you, my whole life is different in such a wonderful way.
Oh my gosh it is going to be a wonderful and interesting summer for sure!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kenji's first picture!

Kenji Jae Graff is born!

He was born at 2:52 AM. 7 lbs 1oz, 19" long. He is reported to have lots of hair and dimples just like both his birth mom and his adoptive mommy and daddy!
He is a Gemini Tiger (Marilyn Monroe was also) which means he will be a charmer and probably a social butterfly as well. I can't wait to see him, it is sure going to be a long day waiting for tomorrow!