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My name is Robin. I live to create - anything I can do with my hands and my head. I'm a messy creator - an imperfect creator who loves beauty and aesthetic with a real edge. This isn't a blog about perfection - its a blog about the beauty in real life - the small triumphs and epic failures - trying to get homework done with a tired 5 year old after a 12 hour day and still getting a smidge of weaving in before the crash. Figuring out what the dream is when you finally realize its not the house and the car. Its about not letting the years get the best of you and cherishing all that you love in life. Mostly its just a place for me to put all the things that I love and that inspire me.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New leaf

I just read through all my previous posts. Wow, I can't believe all that has happened since I started this blog in January! I have really enjoyed keeping this little journal. I have always liked looking back on past events and memories and I really want to keep up with this blog. Even though I know I may not have time to post as much as I would like I am going to turn over anew leaf and try to get something posted fairly regularly again.
We had a pretty good weekend. We spent most of Saturday at Ikea which really tried Brian's patience since he had little love of slow meandering somewhat rude people stopping in front of him constantly. It is so hot that even though I wanted to go to the uptown art fair I don't think Kenji would have made it. His travel system seat is lined with black suede and he gets super hot in there.
We FINALLY put some window treatments up in our front room, something we have been meaning to do for years and have never done. Now our grumpy mailman can't peep in at me while I am feeding Kenji.
On the sad side of things, I think our white kitty Echo is really in his last days. We are having to give him so many meds and he is so tired and lethargic, I feel like we need to make "the decision" soon. That decision will be a very hard one for me. We have had Echo for about 16 years. He is a very old kitteh and I love him, he has been with us through a lot of good and bad times.
Kenji the kawaii baby had his first shots at the doctor today and even though he screamed bloody murder he actually handled it better than I expected. We are getting things lined up for him to start daycare. I have to go back to work in 2 1/2 weeks and I am dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time.
I am posting a cute pic of my boys in orange.

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  1. It must be really hard to think about daycare! I can't believe it is time for you to go back to work already! I hope things are going well and I love the photos! :0) Kenji is getting so big! It is amazing to go back and look at all the blog entries before you know about your child. Mine was most fun to see what I was posting just a few days prior to both Jada and Jenay. I love your updates and look forward to more entries! :0)