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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank God for bike rides...

Because I am not thrilled with the state of things right now and biking makes my mood a little better. The adoption stuff is frustrating me this week. A couple of weeks ago LSS was pulling the profiles of their families that are not in the book yet for a birth mother who wanted to see additional profiles. So we found out we were not one of the families she narrowed down to. So, I know this was the first person to even look at our profile, but we are also not getting very far with networking and I am as always feeling that I am not working hard enough at the networking. I haven't been able to get our profile posted on Parent Profiles yet and some of the free site I have tried are just a mess. I can't help but worry that we will have a hard time finding a match because we have weird jobs, or because we don't seem stable or traditional enough. But I do want someone who really likes us and who we are. I just hope it doesn't take 2 years to find that person! Anyway, I can't seem to help wondering what it was that put us in the out pile. So because I get so down thinking about bad things here are the good things: We are now only 4th on the waiting list! According to our adoption worker we have minimal adjustments to do on our profile. I am crocheting peeps at the moment and will post pics, we are going to the movies and dinner on Sat with Jomanda (Amanda and Joe) and it is light enough after work to ride bikes, Yay!

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  1. Thanks for the comment! This all happened within a week. Last Tuesday we got a call for a match meeting on Thurs.--which was canceled because she went into labor on Wed. (She was due on the 21st) We met in the hospital on Thurs. and were chosen on Friday and brought Jenay home that afternoon. So, we've been very busy! It can happen fast and I know you will be chosen--I just know it! :0) Keep holding on!!!!