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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boston and Baby update

First for those of you dying to know an adoption update - we have another meeting on Saturday. We are still so hopeful and excited. Other than that I can't put much down here until we find out more. So you will all have to be content with stories from Boston!
Ok first of all we almost didn't make it to Boston at all. After our meeting last Thursday night we were mentally and emotionally drained from all the excitement. We got home pretty late and since we had been so worked up all week about the meeting we hadn't packed, checked our flight time, etc... so we did all of these things really quickly and hit the hay. Got up a 4 in the morning to make our 7:00 flight and were on the way to the airport and I thought "I should check to be sure the flight is on time" WELL when I checked I said CRAP! our flight was at 6:00! We are in the car and it is 5:30. Brian had accidentally looked at the time our connecting flight was leaving Milwaukee to Boston not the time the flight actually left Minneapolis. So we went to the airport with the plan of getting on one of the next 4 flights to Boston that day on standby. Well those flights were oversold, so all day we waited in the airport and every flight we did not get on. Finally at the very last flight of the day at 6:30 PM the plane was late getting into Minneapolis from Milwaukee and a lot of people with connecting flights had to re-route onto other flight to make their connections and we lucked out because we got on that flight! I have never been so get on a plane! We checked into our hotel at 1:00 in the morning and crashed. We wasted half the next day sleeping! Anyway we still had a lot of fun, here's the pics to prove it!

Flea marketing in Brimfield

Wicked crazy - green singing dood in Brimfield

We love lobster yes we do, we love lobster how bout you?

Nathanial Hawthorne's birth place. "Yo, is Nate home?"

This is my second visit to the Gramercy cemetary. The place facinates me (F'in wicked cool to put it as they do in Boston) and I am not even Goth (well not anymore)

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