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My name is Robin. I live to create - anything I can do with my hands and my head. I'm a messy creator - an imperfect creator who loves beauty and aesthetic with a real edge. This isn't a blog about perfection - its a blog about the beauty in real life - the small triumphs and epic failures - trying to get homework done with a tired 5 year old after a 12 hour day and still getting a smidge of weaving in before the crash. Figuring out what the dream is when you finally realize its not the house and the car. Its about not letting the years get the best of you and cherishing all that you love in life. Mostly its just a place for me to put all the things that I love and that inspire me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It is upon us (almost), the big meeting. I am insanely nervous and I have so many feelings that are just to big for me to put down here at the moment. This experience is so exciting for us but I don't think I ever would have anticipated being this wound up. I think the reality of how quickly this could happen never sunk in for me, not that quick isn't good, quick is fabulous, but for a very unspontainious person like me it is also nerve wracking.
On other fronts the world just keeps getting weirder and more sad. Our friend that I wrote about now has found that her cancer is wide spread in her body and will not be treatable. This has been so hard for us, and our excitement feels a little selfish at this moment when there is such a huge reality check lurking around the corner. But at the same time I guess this should be a wakeup call to enjoy everyday and never let that joy pass you by. Our friend is very brave and amazing woman and I know that is what she would say.
Also strangely there have been so many people I know loose family members lately. I don't know what is in the stars this month but everything seems a little surreal to me.
Anyway, I have to get 500 things done tonight before our meeting and our vacation so I better sign off!

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  1. I will say some special prayers for everyone tonight! Thanks for the update--I've been stalking your blog waiting to hear some news! Good luck--just be yourselves and you will be FANTASTIC! :0)